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Paving the Road Towards a Better Future

Who We Are and What We Do

Eighteen months ago Chernobyl Children's Lifeline were given the opportunity to work on an exciting project in Belarus. Bobrovichi Village is home to a disused school and its ancillary buildings. This is where we have laid the foundations for

Our vision is to create summer camp style accommodation for children who have not had the opportunity to travel abroad on a recuperative holiday. Also to have suitable facilities so that disabled children can be accompanied by their parents. Thus helping them to socialise and overcome the perceived stigma of disability. Some of these children are confined to their homes.

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The project is in a rural setting in Belarus approximately two hours south of Minsk, in the village of Bobrovichi, a clean area from contamination. The site is within the Pinsk Diocese of the Russian Orthodox Church of Belarus.

It is an area of outstanding beauty, close to a large lake with reed beds , archaeological dig sites, silver birch forest and a nearby nature reserve.

The area is also of historical interest being close to the WW1 Russian front line, where one can visit the trenches and bunkers, which are preserved to this day.

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Children of Chernobyl

Who we help

Many children, able bodied and disabled slip through the net and do not get the opportunity to enjoy a respite break away from a daily drip feed of radiation.  

We aim to rectify this by inviting teenagers who have missed out on this opportunity and also complete families where siblings are all too often carers of disabled children who cannot travel abroad.

After interviewing several Mum’s with disabled children we have identified a need for families to get together, share experiences and information, offer support to each other at the same time as relaxing and enjoying a holiday in beautiful surroundings  safe in the knowledge that their children will be supported and benefit from on site facilities  and activities .

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