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Improving the Lives of Many

Project S.H.A.R.E. is in the early stages of development. Importantly the basic infrastructure for water and electricity is now in place.

With the help of our October 2017 volunteers and support from the local village community the Project has got off to a great start. The volunteers completed the block work for an extension to the initial building (originally a guest house).

We are moving into 2018 with basic facilities such as a BBQ/fire pit with outdoor undercover seating area and a meeting/dining building for this year’s teams of volunteers to use. 

Volunteering: Welcome


We very much hope to announce the volunteering weeks sometime in the

late spring, for dates in the summer

and autumn.

This of course will all depend on the success of the Covid 19 vaccination programme.

Do please get in touch to register your interest 

Volunteering: Quote

What to expect

A warm welcome from Father Vitali and volunteers from the previous year. You may be working alongside British, Irish and Belarusian volunteers. Friendship, fun and hard work, but above all a rewarding experience and sense of achievement.

Basic living conditions.

Outside sanitary arrangements.

You will be required to provide a sleeping bag, pillow and towels, plus some basic dry foods.


On initial application you will be sent a basic questionnaire. This will be followed up with all the necessary information for your visit to project S.H.A.R.E.

Applicants must be over 18 years of age. Male or female.

Skilled or unskilled

Costs may vary, but you should budget for a cost of around £450-£500 This will cover your airfare, visa (if you have to pay), travel from Minsk to and from the site and a contribution towards food.


You must hold a valid passport with a minimum of three months from the date of entry into Belarus.


We will help you with this documentation and in some instances it may be free.


You must hold valid health/travel insurance  showing at least 100,000 Euro cover.

Program Dates 2018

September 2018 Trip

 23rd September 2018 for 7 or 14 nights duration.

We are looking for all skills, painters and decorators, carpenters, plumbers and general workers. Although everyone must be prepared to turn their hand to anything!

The volunteer’s contribution will be £450 for one week, this covers all your expenses, ie airfare, internal travel form Airport/Minsk/Site/ Minsk/Airport.

Police registration fee, all food and electricity .

There will be an additional cost of £14 per day thereafter if staying for two weeks.

Volunteering: Our Causes

October 2017 Trip

Volunteering: Gallery

What our Volunteers say

Volunteering: About Us

Rod Munday - September 2018

“ What a brilliant experience the trip to Belarus was . The people could not have been more welcoming , nothing seemed too much trouble for them . Whilst the accommodation was basic as you said it would be it was warm and water tight and the food was unbelievable. 

Overall a great experience and one I hope to repeat in the future.”

Photo shows the Bishop of Pinsk visiting Project S.H.A.R.E. and meeting the volunteers and Father Vitali .

Volunteering: About
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Chris Hill - April 2018

“Over all a great experience, and it was good to that the school trips were brought to the project to work and socialise. A lot of work to be done, but I think the will and the enthusiasm is there”

Volunteering: About
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Shane Williams - April 2018

"A truly memorable experience".

Volunteering: About

Ger Byrne - October 2017

"A very enjoyable experience with Father Vitally. I have been to Belarus 34 times and every trip brings it's own challenges and new friendship we are all trying to make things better for the children and what ever we achieve there is always appreciated so I'm looking forward to seeing the work continues".

Volunteering: About

Eloise Brewis - October 2017

"For the last 5 years my family and a small group of amazing people in Shrewsbury and Telford have hosted children that are still affected and will always be by the Chernobyl Nuclear disaster way back in 1986.

To fill anyone in, we bring children over for one month to have a break from the polluted air and food to have a holiday of a lifetime.

As a result Alex and I have just spent the last week in Belarus volunteering on project S.H.A.R.E. that one day will be a holiday centre for disabled and able bodied Chernobyl children.

Taking part in the extension of the guest house, clearing the site and cutting up fire wood for winter.

The plan is that children that have previously visited the U.K, with CCLL will in return give something back by volunteering at summer camps.

Our week there was a rollercoaster of emotions and experiences (such as peeing in a hole!) it makes you realise how lucky we really are - even just having toilets and clean running water, the necessities! We met some truly amazing people along the way, they gave so much with the little they had."

Volunteering: About
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